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The meeting droned on for twenty minutes longer than it needed to. The only thing that kept Marcus from giving in to the desire to jump up and leave was being able to watch Allison across the conference table. Watching her was a pastime he had come to enjoy over the past eighteen months, and he relished every chance he got.

If they were alone in the boardroom, he’d stretch her across the conference table, spreading her willowy frame out before him like a banquet. Her chestnut hair flowing in waves as it fanned out across the shiny surface of the large table. He loved her hair. He could tell it was long, but she kept it confined, secured well enough that he wasn’t sure exactly how long it was, but he knew it would wrap around his fist. He’d be able to hold her for his kiss, and that was all that mattered.

His cock twitched behind his fly as he tried to imagine whether she’d be quiet and restrained as he slowly licked her creamy skin, devouring her an inch at a time. It wouldn’t matter if she were restrained. He’d have her screaming his name in pleasure before long, so loud that security in the lobby five floors down would come running to help. The guard would stop at the door in awe at the sight of her beautiful breasts as he freed them from the confines of clothing. With her coloring, he always pictured her nipples as pale pink and sweet like spun sugar.

He shifted in his chair, clearing his suddenly dry throat. Desire sizzled at the base of his spine as he imagined her nails raking through his hair, tugging him closer so she could wrap her long legs around his waist, squeezing him as she arched against him. She’d hold him tighter in her desperation to be as close to him as possible. She’d be warm. Flushed with desire, wet and wanting him until she came over and over, digging her carefully manicured nails into the polished oak of the table, leaving the evidence that he’d mastered her for all to see at the next meeting.

Yeah, he could give it to her all night long, and she’d only beg him for more.

“Marcus. Hey, Marcus, are you just going to sit there all night? The meeting ended five minutes ago.” Ted from accounting was staring at him over his black wire-rimmed glasses, gathering up his paperwork.

Marcus rose from the chair, slowly trying to hide his raging hard-on as best he could. It wouldn’t do for people to see him wandering the halls with a towering erection, especially since the erection was caused by the granddaughter of the CEO of Worthington Advertising, and not if he planned to keep any of the staff when his own business plans panned out.

Allison was the old man’s granddaughter, and his advancing age helped hide most of the family resemblance, but it was there if you cared to look. They had the same blue eyes. Though Allison’s had more golden flecks, like the sun glinting off deep ocean water, and hers were more expressive.

He didn’t know why the old man chose not to acknowledge Allison’s heritage, but it wasn’t something that was affecting him or his business plans at the moment. So he’d decided to keep quiet on the topic.

Marcus made his way back to his desk, collecting the papers he’d need to take with him to continue working from home for the rest of the evening. Lucky for him, the office had cleared out, and his erection was finally beginning to subside.

The drive home was treacherous. The wind howled like a wounded animal. The force of the gusts rocked his car and whipped snow across the road until Marcus could barely see in front of him. Tension tightened his nerves until he felt pulled taut and ready to snap. Once home, he sighed, leaning heavily against his front door to tug off his boots and strip out of his damp socks. Barefoot, he went straight to the bar to pour himself a drink.

The fifteen-year-old single-malt scotch went down smooth as silk, leaving a warm burn in his belly. It helped ward off the chill of winter that had seeped into his bones. Marcus stood by the big windows in the living room and stared out at the street lined with large homes in his gated neighborhood. There was no mistaking the side of the tracks he was on now.

Wanting to organize his notes from the meeting while they were fresh in his mind, he turned away from the view. It wouldn’t do him much good to be researching the company if he couldn’t remember half of the things he learned. Marcus dumped his briefcase on the kitchen table and fired up his laptop.

While the computer booted up, Marcus caught sight of a red envelope hiding in the pages of one of his notebooks.

It was addressed to him in a loopy feminine scrawl and scented lightly like Christmas sugar cookies. He didn’t recognize the handwriting. Inserting his finger under the flap, he tore open the envelope and pulled out a letter.

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas, when you visit my friend Allison, don’t leave anything under her tree. Her wishes are of a far more carnal nature.

His eyebrows crept into his hairline as the letter continued.

Don’t bring her toys—she has plenty of those. Though a good supply of batteries may be in order.

What she really needs, Santa, is a strong man to help loosen her up. A man like Marcus, who has had the starring role in ALL her recent dirty fantasies.

He scanned the sentence again, unable to believe what he’d read. Allison had thoughts about him? Dirty thoughts? He would never imagine that she thought of him that way. She barely looked in his direction, much less at him. This had to be someone’s idea of a Christmas prank, but if it was a prank, it was a damned good one. It had the blood heating in his veins more than the scotch in his glass could warm him.

She needs a little Christmas magic, so please send her a man who will be firm with her. Who’s willing to pleasure her all night long, until she’s hoarse from screaming. Send her a man who will tie her to the bed and spank her when she’s naughty.

Marcus had to undo the zipper on his pants. His cock was near bursting, and if he didn’t relieve the pressure, he feared he’d risk permanent damage.

Oh he’d spank her all right. His dick was weeping at the mere thought of making her ass burn with a pretty blush.

He continued reading the letter, touched by some items on the list and amazed at others. It was one near the bottom of the list that had him palming the weight of his erection and slowly jacking off.

Two men—he couldn’t believe it. Shy, quiet, reserved Allison wanted to be fucked by two men or a third, the letter went on to suggest, so that she could enjoy being penetrated everywhere.

Fuck, he needed a cold shower or he was going to come in his living room. It reminded him of being a teenager, sneaking a few moments of privacy to masturbate. He stroked slowly, imagining what it would be like to have her. Her skin would be soft and would redden nicely under his hand.

He clenched his teeth, increasing the pace of his movements, letting out a growl when he finally came.

She couldn’t have written this, but if this wasn’t someone’s idea of a prank, then he’d hit the mother lode, because he was just the man to give her exactly what she’d been craving. Well, not just him, he amended quickly. Jackson too.AM_WishList


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